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Audit Includes Suggestions for Improvement in the Following Areas:

HTTP and HTTPS status test

HTML & XML sitemap checks

Video, news & image sitemaps

Website load speed

Site indexation

Quality of mobile experience

Desktop and Mobile Image Optimization Test

Test site’s robots.txt file

404 error test

Use of Flash Content

Link building practices

Landing pages

What is a SITE Audit?

Effective SEO starts with different facets of a website. Performing a SEO audit attains the details as to whether all your web pages and digital content are being crawled or indexed correctly.

Is your website doing its job?

While having an attractive website is nice, the real question you should be asking is “Does our website get found when people are searching for what we offer?” And, “once visitors are on our website, can they easily find what they need?”

Your website does not rank high on search engines

If your website’s existence isn’t noticed on search engines, you definitely should consider a complete redesign. Redesigning your website would give you the opportunity to rethink your content strategy and re-write your content in a way that is search engine friendly.

Your website is not mobile friendly

Considering the fact that over 60 percent of website visitors use mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website is not only great, but also absolutely necessary. It’s important to know that your website’s ranking on search engines are highly dependent on mobile friendliness. When a user searches via a mobile device, Google will typically rank a mobile-friendly website higher than one that isn’t.

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Some tactics work immediately, while others build traction over time. Based on your needs and feedback we will make recommendations to help you achieve your short and long term growth objectives.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!